568 / Thursday

Yay, 602 questions answered on Formspring! :D Tyvm everyone.

Anyway, just saying, and this is gonna sound bitchy, but sometimes it's just kinda annoying when my sister talks to me, cuz I don't listen all the time. Oh, but she made me mi goreng, haha. Thank you! :D LOL. Um, today was pretty cool, I rkn. Nothing really intense, haha. Man, sometimes I really feel like studying! LOL. Then I get home and yeah, as if I'm gonna do that, LOL. Oh! Yesterday I slept earlier than I'd been for like the past month or so! :L But still, I need to sleep earlier for sure, haha. Even though I got more sleep, I full had to buy like a drink or smth to eat or else I'd fall asleep LOL. So I bought a hash brown. They're $1.45 now, fml, but it was so nice LOL.

I don't really have anything to blog about. Oh, apparently there are black skinnies for $20 at Dotti?! I FULL WANT! :D

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