jaejin is so cute >< you should google him again ahahahhaha.

Nah, he's not thaat good.. Joon from MBLAQ is cute.

If anyone's reading this and totally has nothing to do, then Joon from MBLAQ is cute, YouTube that. And MBLAQ are actually pretty cool. And B2ST are good too, Dong Woon is just a beastttt. :D:D

What do you think of the fatter girls and guys in your grade?

Hmm .. Man, who ARE the fatter guys and girls in my grade, man. ;___;

Okay, just to .. get this straight and everything: I'm probably kinda antisocial? Lol. Cuz I don't really talk to everyone, and I'm not full great at making new friends and stuff, and I guess I'm kinda shy? So I wouldn't exactly know who the 'fatter guys/girls' are because I don't know my grade well enough. :S Which is kinda messed.

So yeah, I don't really have an answer for your question cuz I don't even know who they would be, and even if I did, then there's a high chance that I don't talk to them. :S

G, that was so stupid ! why did you tell me to watch the cooking dog thing, fucken hell, i dont want to learn how to make dimsims, well im watchiing the angry german kid atm

LOL. I didn't tell you to do that! I just said that I was watching that, haha. But isn't the voiceover so silly, HAHAHAHA. :D Apparently, Angry German Kid is a fake. :( :O!

i think im capped now :(

OMG. I'M CAPPED TOO! :O Well, my dad said that we were capped, which is really crazy, cuz we're never capped! :O But Genvin was downloading all these movies and stuff recently, haha, so we somehow burned up our 50GB of downloads? Crazy. Btw, Genvin's my brother. Just so you know. Just in case you were a random who didn't know. :)

youre really fucking skinny.

I seriously know, man! :O Before the break, I was 45-46kg (and when I was that much, I was like, Wtf, how did I gain 2kg in 2 weeks, wth, haha) but yeah, I don't know how it works, seriously, cuz I eat so fricken much and I don't gain weight. :O But I'm pretts sure that's a good thing, even though it makes me way underweight, cuz I don't wanna have to worry about gaining weight. I can eat all the crap I want and things would still be fine. :DD!

buy me a pool table? :D

Ooh, how much is a pool table?

Sucks how I'm down to $2 right now, babe. :L

I've got a silly haircut. Lets not.

Hahaha, sucked in! LOL. Nah, but you have to show me your badass haircut sometime, man! :D

Ask/tell me anything! :D

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