Whats a good English tutor?

I don't know. :( I hate English, omgsh .. I think Ngoc goes to the English tutor provided at Truong, though? I THINK?

how many mb have you used for your pictures?

I actually don't know. Eugene's mentioned a couple of times about how Blogger hasn't allowed him to pos more photos because he's used up all his photo space/memory but I haven't gotten anything like that, so yeah.

So do you hate Angela now because of the affair?

What, I don't hate her! Keep in mind that this happened a year ago, in early December 2008, so I'd obviously be over it. We're not as close as we used to be, though .. But we were drifting since the beginning of year 8, and were only really really tight after Country Fair '07.

who do you reckon gets influenced by you.. as in, whatever you do .. they/it do it too.

Eughh this might sound bitchhyy but Eugene, mann. :o Like a lot of the things we have/say/do are really similar. Like apparently we even talk similar, or something? Idk, but I've heard people say/agreed with them a lot.

wdp gen, its jacqface and liz-ar-d

LOLL you guys sound so badass. :L Btw Jacqass LOL jkjk, I think I saw your brother on Friday? Idk if it was him, though, but I was like outside Truong LOL.

mir and joon are like beasts man - freaking cute and everything :D

I KNOWW, FULL AGREE HAHAHA. And omg, Joon is reeaally really ripped, omg. :9 And Mir is cute, and he's only 19. :D But seriously, I rkn all MBLAQ are cute/good looking. Like, the guy that's not G.O., Mir, Joon or Seungho is like not as hot/cute as everyone else, haha. MBLAQ ftwwww. :D :D Esp. Mir and Joon, kekke. :DD

Who are the 5 cutest guys and girls in your grade?

Ooft, Idk man, I don't really think any of the guys in my grade are cute, LOL. Maybe Mitchell with his K-Pop, haha. OH, Kenny's cute! :D And this is cute as in like personality and the stuff he says/does, haha. For the girls, hmm. Idk, Sophiea's probably cute LOL. I can't really think of like a top 5 or nething, though .. Cecilia's pretty cute? :P

check out change by hyuna- she's hotttt, maybe even hotter than you! :L nah, you're a close second LOL

LOLL wut! Hahaha! Ohhh I saw 'Hyuna' in a YouTube comment and I had no idea who it was LOL. I should totally Google them and check them out, but I'm on iPod Touch right now so yeah, haha. :P


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