why won't you make me cupcakes? ):

Okay, my first guess of who this is, is Keene. LOL. I can't be bothered making cupcakes nemore, tbh. But dw, I'll make you some on your birthday (if I'm not busy around that time, keke). :P

you probably don't know me but stumbled across your blog and have been reading ever since (I sound like a stalker right?) you seem pretty awesome yo.

Ooh, that's mad, thanks! :D Do you have a blog or nething? And btw, if you have a Formspring account and didn't ask this anonymously, then I kinda clicked 'Select All' and 'Reply to selected', and I've typed answers for all of my other questions, so if I look like a dumbass for asking if you have a blog nething thennnn that's why LOL.

im bored :(

I was so bored before, so I ate 4 bowls of Rice Bubbles and watched .. Okay, go to YouTube and search up cookingwithdog, and yep, that's what I've been watching, AHAHAHAHA.

how much do you weigh ?

It's been weird lately, so anges from 44.0kg to 45.8kg. I think I'm normally around 44.2-44.6kg, though.

Ask/tell me anything! :D

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