do you get posters from general pants for free?! tell me how to ge them !

Ohh.. Well, I'm not sure if they're still there, but I'm pretty sure they should? They're in a pile right where you go to pay for your stuff .. I'm pretty sure you should see it somewhere there. :L

what bag are you gonna use for school ?

I'm assuming this is like, Danica or something LOL, cuz it's totally something she'd ask. I'm not really sure! :S I have to use my Country Road bag on the first day back, cos I've got double PE .. The bag is so dirty, farout, I still have to wash it, fricken hell. :0 But I think I might use my Fiorelli bag sometimes? Not sure. Cuz it fits my A 5 books really well .. I don't really wanna use my CR everyday, and I don't wanna use my Puma too much either, so yeah. I saw this nice Adidas bag at Insport today at Parra, but I only walked past and saw it in the window. Omg, I wanna get this Nike carry-all from Insport (Livo, haha) and it's all black, and it just says Nike, which is in a dark grey .. Oh wow, it's kinda like John Kim's bag, I think, LOL, but it's black and dark grey. SOOO NICE (L).

I made my girlfriend a pedal powered wheel chair because she was hit by a car and her legs broke but now she thought I was being mean or somthin now she wants to kick me in the balls but i hard laughed coz her leg broke so she broke up with me. WTF gives?

Oh, that's just a string of misunderstandings and you being slack. LOL. Cuz you're not meant to laugh when your girlfriend breaks her leg, because she was hit by a car! :O

what day isrt when we come back to school ? O: day 1,2,3,4,5 or 6?

Day 1, but we don't have period 1 because of an assembly. First period back is a shortened period 2.

Why did my date leave me after I put her in a headlock? We met at a really nice french restaurant in the city and she was waiting for me so I suprised her by tackling her and put her in a headlock. Then she left. WTF?

Aww, that's so cute! Did she leave right after you put her in a headlock? Cuz that's so mean. :(


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