Who did Kin Mun have an affair with?



Avatar 3D gives you super badass 3D glasses. HAHAHA. I haven't really watched the whole thing, though. >< And even when I was watching it, I wasn't fully paying attention and I was kinda closing my eyes cuz I was tired LOL, so yeah. :(

Why do you have like porn-like pictures on your blog? I kind of scares me T_T"

LOL, cuz I was going through pages and pages of Tumblr updates and it was mostly spam of Victoria Secret models and B2ST, and I was like, Okay eff this, I'll just get the first pic I see on the next page, and it happened to be that .. LOL, sorry.

Is Mr Watts a good teacher?

Um. Well. He's kinda 'quiet' for a teacher, and kinda boring, no offence. :S Idk, the coolest lesson we ever had with him was when it was last day of term or something, only half the class was there, and we just sat on the science tables and watched YouTube vids on the projector. HAHAHAHA :D. OH, and on his laptop, he was showing us these vids one time, and he closed Windows Media Player cuz vid finished, and we saw a video called 'Cats on Treadmill' so we begged him to watch it and yeah, so we watched cats on treadmill HAHAHAHAHA.

I shower in 2 minutes1 Beat That! :L

WHOA YOU CRAZYY! LOL. Do you like manage to shampoo, condition, etc etc? :O!

Has Lawrence ever dated? Cos he seems like a womaniser and everything...

I don't actually think he has, tbh! :O

Prairewood: Australia Day...Free entry to swimming pool

Ooh! I hardly go swimming, though! But man, I love swimming, it's so cool. I haven't been to Prairewood in ages! Last time was in year 6, haha, probs for like Zone Swimming Carnival. :D

Can you tell me the people who dropped out of A1? and can you get rid of the gif on the top, it makes my pc lag. D:

Aw but I like it, and the guy is the cutest. LOL. Dw, I'll change it soon. To MBLAQ. Man, Joon is so sexy, HAHAHA. Anyway, from what I've heard, Kenny, Alan and Andrew Xu have all dropped out of A1.


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