'Teehee, I want someone to ask me what song always seems to be stuck in my head, on my Formspring, cuz it's such a stupid song, and it's always in my head LOL. ' tell me . :D

Okay, you guys have to YouTube or something LOL. Search: Jiggy - F.Cuz
LOL, that's why I changed the text on my page's layout to 'GET GET GETTING JIGGY' LOL.

What song is always stuck in your head? Come to avi's yeah?!?

Refer to the other question's answer, BUT OMG GUYS, YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO IT. THE WHOLE SONG, ESP THE CHORUS IS SO CATCHY HAHAHAHA. And I honestly don't know if I can go Avi's or not, really. Cuz my parents will most likely be pissy about me going, cuz I 'came home late' yesterday from the city, and my mum really hasn't been feeling full 100% lately. Genvin was meant to go out today, but mum wasn't feeling that good, so he couldn't go (cuz like, gotta stay home and watch over her. Man, she's not even home right now, LOL). Honestly, I don't think they'll let but .. Idk. :S :S


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