Im still bored LOL. Any more ideas?

Aw, really? Man, come on, talk to me on MSN, I'm totally bored. Like, do you even have me on MSN? Like I swear, just add me on MSN, Idrc if I don't know you or nething, cuz I'm totally bored atm. Not totally bored, but yeah, add me! OR we could just talk over Formspring, lolol. O___O HAHA.

Hmm .. Well, it's a bit late, but maybe you could bake cupcakes or cookies or something when you're bored? That's something I would do, hahaha, but yeah, it's not like I'm gonna bake cupcakes at 11:30PM cuz I have nothing to do. :P Well, I watch One Tree Hill and some movies when I have nothing to do .. Do you watch any dramas? :P

Whos AS2?

Lol, how would I know! That's Lisa's Formspring you're talking about, isn't it? LOL. Ask Lisa. :P


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