Wendy is married to Lawrence on FB but it's actually Vanessa because Vanessa uses Lawrence's FB account.

OHHH icicic!

Gen, do you think i'm too old to still own a toy box. I'm thinking of getting rid of it but it has so many good memories in it and good toys.

Omg, that's cute! Haha, keep it, I reckon. If it has good memories, then keep it. :)

do you go out in those clothes?it's really nice, but a bit exposed :L but it's full awesome man :L

LOL! Um, not in the one where I'm wearing my brother's singlet cuz uh, you'll see in the other question/answer that I'm not wearing nething underneath, LOL. I wear my black singlet, but as a normal black singlet, I drop crop it up or anything, haha, cuz it's not meant to be cropped LOL. I wear the slashed singlet out, though .. Oh, I'd wear the navy singlet (which is my brother's), I wore it at camp LOL. Um, but for the Agent 99 striped cropped singlet, I wear that out, yeah, but with a singlet underneath .. Sorry my answer is just everywhere! LOL. ><

just wondering, are you wearing anything under that single in your dp ?

Honestly, noooo! LOL.

so i don't pay. huh? I guess you could get that for my birthday. Oh gen you're so nice. Now i should think of something to get you.

Yep, so it'll be my present to you. :D Haha, no worrrieess. My birthday's in exactly 4 months! Like a third of a year to think about what would be good. :P

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