lol i favourited your formspring (A)

Aw thanks, how sweet. :)

Re: Set 2 Discriminant post.For the second part, sub what you get k into the equation and solve the quadratic for x. That's all it means. Cool? :)

Ohhh I see! Thank you! :D

FARK. I dun like Mr Dillonz.

I DON'T LIKE HIM EITHER. But he's not thaat bad .. Just a dick cuz we talk too much, apparently, and he doesn't like tutor, pshh. And he has a thing with stupid small details. And collecting books. Gahh!

nevermind , i got it , no need to answer that question about putting formspring onto blogger :P

Haha nws.

how do you put your formspring onto your blogger ? :O

Omg I found your Blogspot and holy shit, our blogs are really similar! Like, the layout's the same only I've changed mine like crazy, and what we tag our photos are the same and how we set out our Heart To Heart posts are the same, like how they're numbered and everything! Like whoa, man, LOL. Ooh, how did you find my blogspot? :D

gen can you please bring your truong book on fri? Oh and i have this thing that i'm meant to keep secret but i want to tell it to someone but this thing isn't that important, so should i tell her?

Hmm .. Depends what it is. Oh wait, I don't know, cuz you're meant to be keeping it secret. Maybe you can pretty much tell her without saying it, like, just hint things and be obvious, hahaha. Oh, I'll bring my Truong book on Friday yep, np. :P

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