548 / Show Luo Zhi Xiang 罗志祥 - Xiao Chou Yu 小丑魚

The girl is sooooo pretty. :O 小丑魚 by 罗志祥 is good, full heard it somewhere before but I don't know where. And 어리지않아 by U-Kiss is cute. :D Anyway, this morning, me and Danica agreed that we'd both save up $200 by 31st May and go cosmetic shopping in the city, and we bring however much else we wanna spend on clothes. :D That day better come, and we should both have like all this money and spree. LOL.

So I shredded my shirt more last night. I like it, yay. I should post up a photo or something, haha. Oh, I have to make like a proper list of things I want to get. Cuz I'm not gonna buy these $200 jeans even though it's on my wishlist, gosh. LOL.

Hmm, so I'll compile a plan of my income vs. expenses, and these are all approximations or maximums. And I have no idea how much I get at Chinese New Year, tbh, LOL. Like NO IDEA.
Income (31/01/10 - 31/05/10)
Currently: $55
CNY: $220
Allowance: $400

Total $675
Expenses (31/01/10 - 31/05/10)
Danica's 15th: $60 (?)
Mum's birthday: $50 chip in, probably
Michelle's 15th: $30 (?)
Eugene's 14th: $40 (?)
Vivian's 15th: $35 (?)
Unforseen/miscellaneous expenses: $100
Chip in for camera: $150

Total $365
Sooo .. I should be doing okay then. Cuz these are all approximations/estimates, so yeah. :S According to this, I should have $310 by the end of everything. Idk, hopefully I have $310+. :D

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