#396 We'll be a dream

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YVY! :D Love you so muchhhhhh, and even though heaps of people have Truong today and that's why we can't go out, Wednesday was for you and I hope you had fun, yeah? :D Like since when have we gone out as a group. :L So anyway, have a good day and have fun in Melbourne! Leaving tmr, gonna miss you. ):

And happy one month, Wendy and Eric.
(1:01 PM) grace: its wendik, noob LOL
H1M Wendik! :D


I think I'm going Livo today. I kinda haven't finished my Truong homework, either, but I told my mum I had. Looks like I'm gonna have to cram it when we get back? Ahaha. :0 Today's weather is kinda shit. What the freak, it's 1:17pm already?! Gosh. Cos last night, I watched Step Brothers. At the end, I was soo tired. Slept at 2:12am. (Yeah I don't know how but I remember the exact times of things a lot. :L) Woke up and got out of bed at 12:13pm. Oh! People got their HSC marks yesterday, and people did really good. :D This is what I'm listening to: We'll Be A Dream - We The Kings ft. Demi Lovato (link). It's not like the bestest song ever zomg I'm gonna listen to it on repeat now, but it's something different from Asian music and I'll listen to this for a bit. I guess. Haha.

Truong in the holidays? No way. :I


Oh, so I went to Livo, right? Yeah, went Livo and we were meant to be looking for a present for my dad (we = me, sister, mum). Anyway, we looked around but didn't get nething. Went to Sushi Bay for lunch, but it really sucks there. We all chipped in $10. My sister had to go Spotlight, so we went in there, and I wanted to check out Vinnies. Genvin always finds really cool stuff there, and I never do. WELL WHATEVS, cuz I found this Fiorelli bag for $6! :D Cuz just earlier today, I was thinking, Omg, I wanna get a briefcase, AHHAA, and then the bag I got is black and has these kinda studs (like those flat studs, not hardcore ones, LOL) and it's got a long strap and a shorter one, so it can be a briefcase! :D So I was psyched, and it was 50% off almost everything in Vinnies as well, so omg, I got it for $6! LOLLL. And Angela wore nice clothes to Truong. As usual. I was gonna get her shirt, but I didn't. It's the, 'It's pronounced Mooks, not Mooks' shirt, and I was gonna get it ages ago but my mum told me off. Like I was gonna get that one, or this other one which was like, 'EMM OHH OHH KAY ESS'. Chyeeah, didn't end up getting either of them, that time I went ct. But today was real mad cuz I got a $6 bag! :D I'll take photos of it, maybe.

I thought my laptop messed up cos it wasn't turning on. I was kinda scared, but I got it working again, just a few mins ago. Truong today was pretty cool! :D Mr Mai still scares me, but he's cool, man. :) And he gave us Toblerone to share around, Danica's such a fatass, had like two of them on her table, right in front of her. LOL. :P

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