#388 How you feel when you're in love

Yeah so I saw Danica online last night and told her to go here. She didn't reply before I quickly went offline. Checked my Cbox, and I found:


Ngaww, Danica. LOL. Anyway, I'm going Livo today! Okay, so originally, I was planning to go to the city with my sister, right? But she's inviting Andy, who is like .. Idk, I guess you could say her ex. They still talk and stuff, and there's a possibility that they still like each other, but yeah. So I don't even know what to say to him, so that's why I'm not going. Cuz seriously, all they're gonna do is do their own thing and get all their bs out of the way, and then go shopping at Market City and stuff. If they went Market City at all. So I would be like bored azzz, so that's why I'm not going. Oh, and cos I'm meant to be saving up. Ahaha. :)

Anyway, so I woke up this morning, and I was wondering whether I should go city or not. But then my sister left 15 minutes after I woke up, so nty, ahaha. Genvin was on the phone with someone, and they were talking about how they wanted to go out somewhere. 'Not Livo, cuz there's jackshit there. Maybe Parra. Maybe Brian can drive us. No wait, he said yesterday he wanted to go to school ..' So yeah, I asked him where he was going and everything, and he said Parra, and Brian was driving them there. Like, driving Genvin and Stephen and they'd all hang around. Today, I just wanna go check out Dotti, Cotton On and General Pants Co. But it's alright if I can't check out GPC, cuz I went last Wednesday and looked at most of the sales racks there. So I wanted to go Livo, and my mum's like, Hm, I'm gonna have to go Livo later. Then she asked me where I was going, cos I was changed, and I said I was just gonna go Livo with her. Signed into MSN, changed my PM to 'anyone wanna come livo O___O', and then went away, haha. Called Danica, and asked her about Yvy's birthday dinner tomorrow. And Yvy, when you read this .. what the freak, man, LOL, I don't think people know what's going on tomorrow. And by the way, Danica's got tutoring tomorrow until 7 and can't skip, so .. figure out where we're going and what's happening tomorrow, yeah? So I'm not sure if Danica's still going. Hrrm. Anyway, so I came back to the computer after a while, and Grace was talking to me. What a coincidence, cos I didn't think that many people would be online at 10:54am. Anyway, she was asking me what time to go to Livo and stuff, so I'll see her later. I asked my mum when we were leaving, and she said after the washing was done. Which would be in half an hour. So I'm meeting Grace at around 11:45am or 11:50am outside Dymocks.

Don't you love it how I can talk about nothing and it'll still be cool? AHAHAHA. Man, I really like Manisay's layout. Always did. Always liked her old and new ones. Anyway, I like it how her one, the posts .. Like, the area of text is wider than mine. Mine is only 400px wide, and it looks so much better when it's wider. Ahaha. Cos right now, as I'm typing this crap up, it's coming up in the font and size which my posts are in, and it looks mad azz. LOL. You guys probs don't get it. :(

OKAY. Today was so cool, ahaha. So I was annoyed cos my mum decided to hang up the washing as well, so I was late in meeting up with Grace. Anyway, so I got there at around 12:10pm, and yeah. We walked around, and blah blah, looked at all the shops and everything, and we did that for like 2 hours? We went into Dotti, and Grace has like never bought anything from there, and I was like, Whoa. So I showed her the satin jacket that was $30, and I was like, Guess how much this is, and like, wow, it's only $30. Anyway, it was a size 12, and she tried it on and omg, man shoulders have finally come to good use AHAHHA. But it looked really good and she fit it well and everything. So she bought it, yayy! :D It looks so good AHAHHA. And $80 down to $30 is gg, Grace. But she was complaining that she was spending too much. Which is actually very true, AHAHA, but at least this was on sale, right! :D We went into Myer, and I was like looking at all the underwear cuz I like to do that AHAHHA, and you can get a pair of Mossimo briefs for $20?! I was so psyched, and I bought a pair. They're cute. LOLL. And there's this nice singlet at Globalise, and another nice singlet at Cotton On Body. So that was really cool ^^.

Anyway, we were gonna head downstairs, check out all the shops there, and I'm walking down and Andy's like, Genevieve? LOL. Full coincidental, man! And he was with Raffy, and he's like, Did you guys know that all the other guys are here? Like Lawrence and Nic and stuff. And I was like, What the freakkk AHHAHA. So me and Grace hung around with Andy and Raffy, and like .. There were so many Hurlstone kids at Livo today! Like, we saw Kristina, and there was a bunch of year 7 girls and we saw random people from like year 10, saw Katrina in year 11, saw this guy who left the school (year 12). So that was pretty cool, ahaha. And then us four walked around and found Nathan, Yappy, Thomson Ngo and everything and walked around in a bigger group for a bit. No offence but they walk so slow, LOL. We went into Toys R Us, and then we just walked around and hung around there for a bit. Like, that's where we kinda split up, so yeah. Btw, Lawrence, Nic, Kyleen, Ashley, etc were watching Paranormal Activity. Oh well. LOL. So anyway, when me, Grace and Andy left and then we were kinda tired and sat around, talking. :) LOL. So we did that until around 2:54pm, and then we went up to the cinemas to wait for them. Waited there until around 3:04pm (I don't know how I remember the times LOL), and then they came out .. Yeah, um, it was kind of a big group, so all I remember is: Kyleen, Lawrence, Nicholas, Ashley, Diem, Anh (Okay, Idk if Diem and Anh were there, but Andy said they were there I think), Simon Wang, Thomson Ngo, Joseph, Wilson, Nathan, Yappy, errr. Okay, I'm sorry if I forgot you, but I don't even know who was there, LOL. Anyway, so they came out, talked for like 2 mins or something, and then Andy said he had to go. So me and Grace walked him out, and then she went to get pasta from Oporto LOL, and I got a chillo from New Zealands Natural. I don't think I should've bought it, but whatever, spoil myself, right? :S I had to break my $100 note today! :( I was kinda cut. Cuz $100 note, from my grandma. ><>

Umm, Grace got yoghurt. LOL. And then we walked around in some of the downstairs shops, and then went up and walked around. There was this pretty cool singlet from Supre .. Actually, I think I should've bought it. Oh, Idk. It was $7.50, pretty sheer and like the seams were just like cut. Not stitched up and made pretty. So I was wondering whether I should get it or not. Gosh, full seems like something I would wear. Keke, anyway, I want it, but whatever. :L

Shiz! There's this singlet on the Cotton On Body mannequin, and it said 'rich' and underneath, 'sexy', and like .. I thought Rich said 'Crichy' LOL. Cbb to explain, but if you were there you'd get it, AHAHA. :P

ANYWAY. I ran like 2/3 to 3/4 the way home from the T-Way stop. Ahaha. Parra tomorrow, I'm not sure if I should go. :S

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