#343 Running in circles

Today was pretty cool, actually.

1. WeeOWiser was bludge. Felt so lonely, LOL. Nah but Idk, I felt really .. weird. ^o) I bought a large iced coffee that morning, and that was good. Iced coffee is good. ^^ Fricken $4.45, though. :( But anyway, I felt really weird, in the morning. Like, sad? Tired? Idk.

2. Got 7/20 for Part 2 in English. :'( Highest I can get is 27/40. I'm actually really scared. :S Cos 'sif my essay was that good. I guess. :S :S :S :S

3. In maths, Grace wrote up this list of the things she wanted in her perfect guy, and then the opposite. So everyone, at lunch, was just looking at that. Oh and Grace made a 10 year, $100 bet. LOL. That was so cool, though. And we were like going through the list and asking people if they satisfied it and stuff. :L GL, GRACE. Even though I reckon you won't win. AHHAHA.

4. Period 5 and 6, I had a stomach ache. TERRIBLE, MAN, OMG. :( But in PE, Hughes didn't care too much about what we were doing, so Vanessa was plucking Kevin's leg hairs, and me, Kevin, Shelley, Kabhi and Vanessa were just talking, ahahhaa. ^^ Kevin's got good skin. *0* And then I went to art, and heaps of people were away cos they had the history excursion. It was like, around 10 people or so, in art. And I had that bad stomach ache, which eventually went away, but yeah, no one was really working. Like, some people were developing their idea for their artwork, but I was just sitting around and talking. LOL. And the teacher didn't really care, and she wasn't even in the classroom for most the time, so yeah. She's cool. :D

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