#338 Hollywood dreams, broken, 'cause she's no good at anything


Full love The Friday Night Boys and The Summer Set.

1. UFJHEFHWOIAUEAIOEHFIEHFN IRJEPOUFPFSADKWPOUREKFND WUEPORJFKSJFKSDHFIEUY ETJEPOJEKLFEHFIEHYNDCMF CIEHPOQURMHHHZ! Everyone thinks I like Eugene cos I was talking to him at lunch. Seriously, I don't, alright. :( Like, seriously. I don't like him. We're friends. Don't say I like him, yeah? Cuz that's cut. :( :(!

2. Ah shit, I've got like a kinda rash thing right near my birthmark. Fricken itching. :'(

3. Art is gonna be a bludge from now on.

4. History: 66 1/2 out of 80. Stupid Andrew Xu beat me by one mark. Grace got the same as me. But yeah, for the exams, I've been getting the same as Andrew Xu! Lol. Like pretty much the same, around the same. Oh, and Veronica got 79/80! She's so smart, wish I was like her. :L

5. Oh, ag, lol, biggest bludge ever. Just sat around and talked, and some people had a water fight outside the classroom. Well like, just Anna G and Trish, I think. But me, Margaret, Yvy and Koshila were like discussing .. stuff LOL. Like, everything. Idk, it was fun though. :D

6. Oh yeah, camp cabins are groups of 8 for girls and 6 for guys? Yeah, we have to figure shit out.

7. Got swimming for PASS tomorrow. Have no idea what the weather will be like. Should check now. Yeah, tomorrow's relatively cooler than today! It's like 23 degrees tomorrow, and today was 30. So yeah, I guess it should be alright.

8. Aye like, everyone text me. LOL. Cuz I don't have shit to do lately, and I've told everyone I'm over my cap. I don't think I am nemore. Idk, like everyone just text me, cuz there's no Nick Lee to text. :( LOL.

9. Oh and Dannis isn't selling me his Mossimo shirt. So I'm cut. Lol. And I really fucking want the Sportsgirl cropped stripe top. Like really badly. RAGE.

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