#315 Headed for a heart, heart, heart break

To the world.

…And sometimes, my tears just start strolling.

— Tired and sick of being the lost one.


Stop confusing the heck out of me every day.

— J


I miss you dearly. Not just in the romantic way, but because you have become a friend who I trust, confide in, admire, and adore.

Will you ever come back?

— S


You’re unconsciously breaking my heart and I’m telling you subtly. Please learn how to take a hint.

— P

you said no.


i don’t know why we never let anything ‘happen’ between us. we clicked, like finding the right key for the right lock, but we never open it. even though we could.

— yellow


Why did you give up? Why didn’t you give in? Why didn’t the two of us have a bit more courage and a bit less pride?

— B


i just need to know. do you miss me?



the light that night was perfect. too bad day had to break.

— gin
(Wow, I partly posted this cuz it's from 'gin', LOL)

Beautiful stranger,

Seeing you on the train on the way to school in the mornings makes me lie awake at night, waiting to see your face at sunrise again.

You stand painfully close but you are still too far away. We never speak but sometimes I see you glancing at me. I keep guessing again and again if I hold a place in your heart. Your mixed signals leaves my heart in a twisted mess.

Please… stop playing with my heart strings, break them or soothe them. The knot it’s in hurts more than anything

— confused boy


every time i think about you i feel sad. i think about you every time i breathe. every time i breathe i feel sad.

— e


This is the part where I have to stop writing these little messages and move on. Even if you did like me back, it can never work… I really do love you though… I just want you to know that.

— Her

to the one who wasn’t meant for me,

i dreamed about you last night. turns out, i can’t even get you in my dreams.

— broken-hearted girl

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