#303 There's no secrets this year

#094 Sell AND buy something on/off eBay.
Completed 1 November, 2009

So I don't have an eBay account or anything, even though I think I should actually make one, instead of having to use Genvin's or my dad's account for bidding. Anyway, today I sold my first item on eBay! It was a pair of black and white pinstripe overalls that I never figured out how to wear, and they were sold for $36, even though I only got them for $30. So yeah, coool, and thanks Dannis, since I used your account.

And I bought my first item today, too! But the buy wasn't really clever of me. Cos I just bought a Mossimo shirt off Dannis, even though I could have gotten it for free. Arghh! But I got it, yayy, with Genvin's eBay account. $16.76 plus $8.00 shipping. So that sold for less than my overalls did, so Dannis owes me some money. Even though he said he was going to take 10% of how much my overalls sold for. But that's pretty cool, I'm happy I got it for so cheap. Gonna go rip it up and turn it into a singlet. It's soo big, 62cm long and 44cm across. Hopefully my aunt can sew it up.


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