#31 Baby be honest, is this what you wanted?

Dear Yvy,
Hopefully you read this. Newais, since you're not online now and I doubt I'll remember later, this is the video I was meant to link you. (Bad Girl - BEAST/B2ST) The first guy is cute, and the guy with the bleached hair is cute. I rkn. And there's a guy that looks like a girl, AHAHA. Nah, he's half-cast, or sometime. ;D

So I woke up this morning, and I had a line from Bruised and Scarred (Mayday Parade) stuck in my head. But I couldn't listen to it on my iPod cuz it was out of battery. JHDARGIJ! Then I started thinking about my art teapot thing. If I get it all done, that'd full be a miracle. But maybe I'll get it done, I don't know, depends how much work I get done at lunch.

I have nothing planned for today. Was gonna clean my room, or something, but .. Ugh, I don't wanna do that! Oh wow, it's 11:55AM. That's crazy, I thought it'd be 1 or something right now, AHAHA.

Y'know how I had a list of things to do once exams were over? Yeah, I haven't done any of that crap. :( Like, anything on that list. I was fully psyched about no exams, too. I was full thinking, Omg, after exams, I'll be so much happier and I can do whatever the crap I want, don't need to worry about studying and crap like that. But yeah, I have done any of that. Idk if my list said to watch One Tree Hill again, but that's the only leisure-type thing I've done that I haven't done during exam time. *0*

Dannis is over. Oh, cos he's pretty much over every Saturday. So he's over, and last week, he came over to put some of his old clothes on eBay. And I put a pair of old overalls that I never figured out how to sell on eBay, and apparently it's on $30 right now. Pwned, bitches, that's how much I got it for. Ahaha. >;D But anyway, Dannis put up this Mossimo shirt that I liked, but I thought he was gonna charge me if I wanted it. Then he put it on eBay, and I realised I actually really fucking wanted it, and he told me he wouldn't have charged me. SIETYWEIURFGS! I might bid on it, now. It's on around $18. Cos $10, plus $8 for shipping. Frick.

AND I THINK I'M SICK. :( :( :( Like my throat is all fricken dry, and .. I'm not happy about that. Farout.

Hey, hey, hey. Did you guys realise how little I said 'like' in the post? I only used it .. properly. AHAHA.

I went out todayyy. Avi was at Livo and wanted me to go, so I asked my parents and yeah, I was allowed to go. Goshh, so funny, though. Cos Brian had come over, and they were gonna go to the animal shelter to look at dogs. For fun. LOL. So I was getting a ride to Livo from Brian. But then, they wanted to go pick up Stephen. So we went to pick up Stephen, and were like listening to music in Brian's car, and they played Bad Girl for fun LOL, and they were singing to it but couldn't stand it and turned it off. :L Had to go fill up petrol, and Genvin and Stephen went in to get slurpees but thought it was $2, and it turned out to be $2.20 so they were like, Oh, sorry, we'll go cuz we don't have enough, LOL. And then they drove around and wanted to get slurpees so they went to 7-11, and got slurpees there. So finally, we drove to Livo.

I got there a little later than 2:30, LOL, and they were gonna go watch the MJ movie, and I was kinda thinking, Nty, so I decided not to go, and walked around Livo for like, 3 hours. And that was pretty mad, LOL, cuz I had $80 and I bought these Sportsgirl bangles ($9.95 sale, yeeaah) and .. kinda on impulse, bought this grey leopard print singlet from Globalise, cos it was only $30. Anddd I decided to get the Just Jeans shorts, cuz they're cheaper than the Lulu & Rose ones, and cuz they're pretty nice. And I can add studs and rip them more if I want. So yeah, raddd, that's $40. And I went to most places, found a bag that looks exactly the same as the one I want from Dotti but from Portmans. Oh, and I saw this really nice bra at BNT. But it was $55. And there's like a section for Davenport, Mossimo and Bonds underwear, in Myer now. Like, fricken GG, cuz they're like the 3 underwear brands I generally wear. So that was pretty cool. Saw Kyleen's sister and I'm like, This girl looks like Kyleen, and yeah, later on when I met up with them it turned out she was Kyleen's sister. :L Only met up at like, 5-something, and I had to go already, so yeah. Got home late.

OH, and there was this cute guy on the bus. Like, omg. LOLL. He wore purple skinnies, but it actually looked good on him and everything, and he had nice hair, and dressed good. And he walked past, to get on the bus, and I'm like, Omgd, cuz he had a nape piercing. So I sat behind him and his friend, and .. Aw, he was so rad. LOL. :D

Bitches, happy Halloween. It's so American, though. :P

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