#24 Oh, oh, oh, how was I supposed to know that you were o-o-over me?

Okaayy.. Today's been pretty wasted, cuz I haven't done anything in terms of studying. Who expects me to study today, anyway. Gosh. :P

So I just woke up from like, an .. hour and a half nap, or so? Idk. And all I've done today is decorate my wall with Scrabble letters, and I spent like half an hour or something, linking up all these words, but then I couldn't be bothered putting it up on my wall, so it's just on my bed right now. --' Been afk on MSN all day. Oh! I downloaded two albums today. OH! Gotta check if BLG are done.. Aw, it paused at 36.7% done. So yeah, clicked it to go just them, downloading again. So good how my internet's so fast. Full pwned Grace, who's capped. LOL.

Yeah, so I downloaded Anywhere But Here by Mayday Parade, and Nothing Personal by All Time Low. And they're both pretty goood. ^^ And I'm getting Love Drunk by Boys Like Girls right now. Gosh, I decided to delete all my vids off my iPod, and be one of those full rebel-ass kids who have heaps of music on their iPods. Only I don't have a lot of music. LOL. So I'm not that rebel after all? D;

Oh, and when I went on the computer, I went to Google Chrome (cuz I'm like the only person that uses Google Chrome instead of Mozilla, gosh. I swear, it's faster. And it's so much prettier, gosh, LOL) and I pressed Ctrl + Shift + N, instead of just Ctrl + N, to make a new window. And then it's like, Oh, you've entered Incognito Mode, all the pages you visit in this aren't gonna be in your history. Gosh, I swear, that's like specially designed feature for porn-watching, LOL.

Oh yay, Boys Like Girls has finished downloading. Time to import into iTunes. :D

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