#22 The girl ..

English and science today, not very good.

1. English essay, I hope I did good, since I stayed up late to remember my whole essay, and yeah, I remembered it and everything.
2. But the section 2 in English, I don't know if I did it right. Like, if you don't do it right, think the characters are different people, what would happen to your personal response? They're not gonna make you get 0 for it, cos it's wrong, right? Gosh.

3. Science was good if you re-read your notes just before the exam. I didn't, and I'm really annoyed about that. The science test wasn't exactly hard, and I would've known like all of it if I re-read my notes before the exam. But I didn't, and that really annoys me. So I'm probably just gonna get fucking shit like I normally do.

4. Fuck you, science and English. :'(

of out 9 exams to complete

Halfway during the English AND science exam, I had 'The Girl' by City and Colour stuck in my head. Oh, but in regards to exams .. I really really hope I did well, and maybe I did for English, but .. stress less, Genevieve, it's only year 9?

Art tomorrow. Gosh. Art. I need to study for that. I bought a coffee today. I'm pretty sure it helped me be awake. Coffee doesn't taste too bad. I got a caramel latte and didn't know what to do with it. So I just copied what this other guy did, in putting sugar and all that. AHHAHA.

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