11009 *Stacey's mum has got it going on!


Year 12's last day today.
You guys were the best. ♥
Like, the first year 12's I talked to.
And I'll miss you guys, seriously.

No classes today. It was the Year 12 Final Assembly, but I couldn't see some of the photos cuz I didn't have my glasses. Well, actually, I couldn't see all of the photos cuz I didn't have my glasses. ==' But it's really sad, the year 12's last day. And like, me and Nick got really tight and sht this year. :( And anyway, there was that assembly, and Blink Over 9000 performed Toxic, and Ryan's mad. ;P But after assembly, it was a recess, and then it was SRC Induction Ceremony. And me and Danica were going in for SRC Induction, but some of the year 12's were hanging around on the grass, so we didn't go in. Last hugs to Nickkk. :( And they were good hugs, LOL, and we got a photo with him, and I got a photo with Hanson even though I haven't really talked to him before. >< So sad, but heaps of luck for the HSC, and I hope I see them in the future sometime. ♥ ♥ :O!

But anyway, me and Danica went into SRC late and sat in the year 8 area. And we talked throughout the whole thing, so it wasn't exactly too bad, ahaha. Lunch, I just hung around with Avi and stuff in the main quad, sitting on the floor. And then we went for movie arvo. It wasn't that bad, and I, hmm, sat with Nicholas and some other people. And they took Nic's socks off? Omg. o__o And Alan was being really annoying, like no joke. ><

And then we went out a little before the bell and got to the station in time to catch an earlier train. Air cond, yayy. But then I had to wait at Livo by myself for 15 minutes till the train came. Year 11 Informal was last night, and they had an after party. So like, Genvin and most the year 11's just went Informal (which was on a cruise btw), and then afterparty, slept over, and some people were at school. Milan talked to me for a bit at Livo, too, ahaha.

Year 12's left. Eugene's left and I was meant to say bye but didn't, and I feel bad. Don't know who will be here tomorrow, if I even go to school. I hope people come. Or else I didn't say bye properly. And I'll just miss everyone. :'( And wth, Ken knows I like *? Whoaa. :L

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