#11 Love of mine

Looks like I was meant to study yesterday. Ughh. Well I was feeling really crap, and I wasn't studying properly and only got 3.5 hours done. I've finished remembering notes for Chapter 3, it's pretty mad. Tried studying 4 but gosh, so boring. Then tried doing 5 and that didn't go too well either. I really need to get more paper, cuz we're out of paper right now, so I can't print all the diagrams I scanned. :( Anyway, so I have to add an extra hour to my studying today. :I

FAROUT, MY HAIR IS REALLY ANNOYING ME. Like, after a shower .. Fringe fricken annoys me soo bad. NO JOKE.

Things to do these holidays:
+ Finish studying 72 hours.
+ Get a fricken haircut, plx.
+ Go swimming once.
+ Go jogging once.
+ Get off MSN, Blogspot and Tumblr. Jeez.
+ Go out.
+ Bake cupcakes.
+ Go to like, Livo/Parra. Really gotta check some things. :S

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