Sunday 20th (Jacqueline and Jennifer at the City)

Yeah, so yesterday I was out all day. So this is a recount of yesterday, and like all the tense will be screwed up and everything but whatever, yeah?

Jacqueline and Jennifer's
16th Birthday party
Date; 19.09.09
Time; 10am - 8pm
Location; City/Parramatta
10:00 to 10:30am - meet at Liverpool Train Station
11:30am - arrive at Central Station (City)
11:45am - Lunch (McDonalds)
12:30 - Karaoke (Ksquare Karaoke on George Street, near Chinatown)
2:30pm - Walking to Botanical Gardens
3:00pm -Arrive at Botanical Gardens
4:30pm - Leave for Circular Quay Liverpool Station (Only 5 minute walk from the Bontanical Gardens)
5:15pm - Arrive at Parramatta
5:30 - Dinner at Malaysian restaurant (Tame Ze)
7:30pm - Head to Train station (Returning to Liverpool)
8:00 to 8:10pm - Arrive at Liverpool station (Head home)

Blah blah. Anyway, that totally didn't happen.

Okay, so I woke up at 6:46am, fluke, omg, cuz I didn't set an alarm or anything to wake up that early. Good that I did, though, or else I would've been late. ><>

Alright, farout, fkn brb fkk, gotta do chores shit fucking.

Edit@12:27AM Yeah newais, I notice there's some friction between me and my mum.

ANYWAY. So, I got driven to the twin's place at around 8:20am and did like my nails and makeup and asked Jacqueline what to wear, and Jennifer was in the shower. Anyway, they did their makeup. Oh, and Alex was over as well. Yeah anyway, so we all got driven to Livo station and arrived their before 10, but we had to pick up Sofia T, who was somewhere on Macquarie St. So we walked up and down to find her, and then we decided to meet with her at somewhere, so I went with Jackie and bought Subway cookies. Found Sofia T, ahaha, I see her at Cabra sometimes. Then we walked to Livo. OH.

Who came: Me, Jacqueline, Jennifer, Sofia T, Sofia M (shit, their names are spelt the same), Emily, Christina (Emily's friend), Jennie, Brandon, Eddie, Luka, Fiona, Alex, Megan, Kenny, Nathan (Jennie's cousin) and Shane. Wow.

So yeah, we all met up at Livo station, and slowly, people arrived and stuff. We checked train times, and our train was at 10:26, and the next one was in like 20 mins after that, or something? Or 40 mins? Not sure. Anyway, we were all there and waiting for Fiona, omg, and she came at 10:21, and we were all buying tickets cuz we were all just like, Okay, if she's not here then fk her, we'll go without her. LOL. Cuz like, they don't rly like Fiona 8-), but yeah. She came, and we missed the train and took the later one. So we were off schedule already.


Hung around at the station, got on the train. Some people had to sit at the top and some at the bottom, cuz there wasn't enough space for all of us, so I was at the bottom on the 3 seater with Jennifer and Sofia T. Um, on the train ride, when we were near Central, Jennie came down and was like to Jennifer, Omg man, yknow the messages you sent to Brandon about Sofia (M), she's up there reading them right now. Cos Jennifer was really pissed, once, and she sent these messages to Brandon about Sofia, and Sofia was like, reading them. Got off at Central, and Sofia was real pissed, and we were going down the steps, and she was like, Fuck this and decided to go home. And I was walking with Sofia T and Jennifer, and I was like, Okay, I'll just go through the ticket barrier and we'll sort this out. And like, so Jennifer and Sofia T and me put our tickets through, then they walked off, and everyone else was like on the other side and discussing shit, and I'm like, Gahh. Cuz I'm just on the other side of the ticket barrier, LOL, and theyre just talking and I'm missing out and looking mega loner. So I texted Nicholas and called Jennifer LOL. And yeah, they went through, and Jackie was upset. D:

ANYWAY. So we walked to go karaoke, and we went to Greenbox, not this other one, and omg the invite was so dodgy. It says we'd be at karaoke for 2 hours, yeah, but the minimum you can book a room for is 3. 3 fricken hours, omg, we paid $18.40 each. Yeah anyway we were walking there, blah blah. Okay I full cbb to type this.

It was soo cold in the karaoke place, cuz it was air cond and everything. And farout, it was mega boring, srsly, cuz I don't even know half the effing songs, farout, so I paid $18.40 and was effing mega bored, FAR. And so like for the whole thing, basically it was Fiona and Megan who were singing it. And me and Sofia M, mega epic bored, and for a while we just sat there, omg. OH. Cuz Sofia M came back (that's the one who said she'd go home), yeah she came back and her and Jennifer talked things out, and it was cool. So at like 3, Sofia was like to me, Hey you wanna go Hungry Jacks? I'm hungry. And I'm like, OMG YES, FRKN BORED, and Emily and Christina came with us. I got a sundae, and me and Sofia popped into G-Star, cuz I wanna get G Star underwear. LOL. Like, randomly, it'd be cool if I had it. :L ANYWAY, didn't find nething that nice, and then we went back to Karaoke. I should've just gone fricken shopping with Sofia, no joke man. ><

Uh, I think we went to Maccas. Yeah, we did. And it was so nice, like the interior decorating was really nice. I got a large fries, and I sat with Jacqueline, Eddie, Sofia M, Alex and Brandon. And there was this hot guy who was sitting near us. ><>

Walked to the station. Oh, Eddie bought Jackie this rose, frkn, was so big, steroids or some shit. And Luka bought one for Fiona, cuz they're together. Far, Eddie and Jackie are just so mega cute, cuz they're like both shy-kinda and stuff, aww, kawaiiii ^^'. Yeah, got on the train, went to Parra. Parra, we met with Bonnie (Jacqueline/Jennifer's mum) and went to the restaurantttt. Oh, we were off schedule, like full on. :L And dinner was cool. :D

Luka was trying to use chopsticks and shit, and he actually could, and we were teaching him stuff in mando. OH, cuz he's not Asian. Cuz some people weren't asian. How weird, yeah, for us. Like, at school we're mostly asians, and the people who aren't asian are like black or something, but we had like asians and blacks and .. people who aren't asian or black. LOL. And I frkn ate like more than anyone else on my table ==', cuz we had two tablessss. Idk, it was fun. :D And Eddie and Jackie are real cute. I swear, he totally has to ask her out. No jk. And there was this rly nice cake, and there was a chocolate rose, and Jackie gave it to Eddie, and we were all like, OMG, EAT IT, it's her token of love, and shit, and yeah he ate it. :L So funny, cuz it was like pretty big.

Train back to Livo. Sofia M was telling us all this funny shit. Oh, and Kenny went home. And Livo, aww, people had to go home, and I went back to the twin's place with Sofia M, Sofia T, Emily, Jennie and Alex. And we just hung around and talked.

And I got home at 11:40. And my mum was pissed cuz I told her it was 10. By accident. LOL. And I called Nicholas, after. And talked for like an hour. And hopefully that won't be too expensive. ><

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