Monday 14th (MUTHTARD?!?!!)

Far, I love the Mad Hatter's Tea Party in the Walt Disney Alice In Wonderland. No joke, that guy is the funniest guy out. NO JOKE. SRSLY. LOVE THAT GUY. YOUTUBE Alice In Wonderland Mad Hatter's Tea Party, omg, he's so funny. ^^

Anyway, Nicholas brought green tea ice cream today. Haven't had it in forevs. Today was pretty fun, well, I don't completely remember what happened today. Oh, watched a video in Science with sperm and ovaries. I love sperm and ovaries. Yeahh :I. Oh, Aldrich gave me Hershey Kisses. Yay, thanks Aldrich. :D.

Went to Jacqueline and Jennifer's house, after school. Repainted my nails. I'm totally going to their party, gah, can't wait. Oh, so my nails are silver on both sides. And I can paint my right hand, now. :) My mum bought me cardboard. Oh, and I actually have a LOT of work to do. FAAR.

Oh! So my sister was talking to me, and she said that her and her friend were talking and they were .. discussing what they'd be like if they were a guy. Like, how they'd dress, what they look like, what nash, what girls they'd go for and all that. So, I was thinking, if you had to be someone in the grade, of the opposite sex, who'd you be? Or if you had to make up a totally new identity for yourself but in the opposite sex, what'd you be like? Yeah, go think about that. O___O

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