Friday 18th (Like, Love)

Today was pretty fun, I don't remember why. Newais, for PE, our class joined the year 10's, and we split into several teams and played soccer or touch. It was fun ^^. But I got hit a lot, by the ball. LOL.

We just had Contardo for PASS, so I took my shoes off cuz it was really hot, so Allen took my shoes and I had to chase him around in my socks to get it. Again. And then we hung around with the music kids for a whileee. Then maths was boring. OMG, they forgot my name for SRC. Again. This is like, really embarrassing. :S

Lunch was .. Oh, I talked to Eugene. And Andy, farout, has my Pokemon card. Man, I think today was only fun, cuz I hung around with like Andy cuz his got my frkn Charmander and the guys and stuff. I like them. ^^. LOL.

Farout, got a Truong test later. And I will get pwned :S. Oh, and Nicholas gave me season 4 One Tree Hill. OH, and I handed in my English and geo assignment, stress less, yeah? :D:D.

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